Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cedar Point details

Everypony Scream by egophiliac
Here's the rough plan for Cedar Point. We will be in the park on Saturday, May 19, though we'll be getting there some time Friday night so that we can travel up at our leisure and get some rest first. This way, we can get into the park early on Saturday and enjoy the entire day there. Then we'll hang out in the room Saturday night, probably get a bit more sleep, check out Sunday and go do whatever else there is to do in Sandusky (I hear there's a nice amusement park in the area.... oh wait)

Tickets for this will be $30 per person with a nice fancy group discount. For accommodations, the most sensible arrangement is probably a cabin at Lighthouse Point, which can hold eight people comfortably and works out to about $50 per person for the weekend. (This is probably an overestimate and the prices might go down quite a bit. I'll let everyone know.) I will have everything finalized and will take payments for this on May 7, and I will need the money by the 14th. If for some reason you can't pay me by then or don't know if you're going, ask me and we'll figure something out.

Want to go? Email me at and let me know! If you can only stay one night, tell me and I'll work with you.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Drawfriend: Yellow Springs

So there was a meetup recently in Yellow Springs, and art happened there!

Monday, April 16, 2012


Yo Poneghs!  Dem royalties be havin' a weddin' all up in dat Canterlot shiznat!   And would ya believe, they be streamin' it live all across Equestria.  So we here at der Poneh Haus thought, hey, why don't we grab all our home pones, crack open some ciders, and see dem royals tie dat knot?

So drag yer flanks over to der Poneh Haus.  Saturday, April 21st, from like, 10am or some shiznat 'till whenever we pass out from cider overdose.  Ya dig?

Sunday, April 1, 2012


TrotCon is proud to announce Danny DeVito, better known to the world as The Grundle King from My Little Pony: The Movie!  Just don’t talk to him about Smooze ^_~