Monday, October 31, 2011

Nightmare Night Party Writeup

Nightmare Night, a time of candy, fear, and hoping that Nightmare Moon won't gobble you up. But in a small house in Springfield OH, Nightmare Moon dare not enter. For in this very house Pinkamena Diane Pie and her young apprentice Scootaloo gathered several unsuspecting Bronies. They hired a member of the New Lunar Republic to aid them in their endeavors. His code name in the NLR is Loki, but the Bronies know him simply as Kilt. He arrived Wednesday morning and from there they planned the demise of several Bronies. The rest of the Bronies arrived on Friday expecting to be enjoying a “party”, but in reality they were going to be poisoned by a slew of alcoholic beverages. Some mixed drinks known as the “Derpy”, “Spike”, and even one known as a “Pinkie Pie” were a part of the menu. Edin Pony and Vinyl Scratch took to these drinks greedily and they were defeated immediately. Vinyl Scratch lay on the ground and slept, Kilt took care to make sure he remained alive... for now. Edin Pony, realizing that this was a trap, began to fight back. He threw various F-bombs and began chanting the call of “Who is best pony”.  Discord almost fell victim to the drinks as well, but he grew wise of the other Chaos God's ploys and stopped himself before he lost his wits. Octavia was skeptical at first, but he soon joined in the “fun and games” and became intoxicated as well. In order to remain inconspicuous Scootaloo also accepted a mixed drink from Kilt.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Season premiere party writeup

sweepover by seniorpony
[Argembarger kindly composed this nice writeup for the premiere party. I think it's a fair representation of all of the fun events that transpired during the weekend. Apologies for the delay in posting it!]

Friday - Youtube Poops; Fanfic Readings; a wild Kilt appeared; Grilling; and TROLL 2
Saturday - New Pony Ep THREE TIMES! (YAY and NOOO when we first started with laggy stream); Olive Garden; Pony Shopping; Singing; Cupcake Vodka!!
Sunday - Steak and Shake; Halloween Store

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rainbow Factory

 You're invited
to a tour of the world-famous
Rainbow Factory!

Those rumors you've heard...
about the disappearances...
of course they're false.
How could they be real?

Horrors you say?
This is a place where
your dreams and fantasies come true!

So join us
you may have realized already..
you don't have a choice.
You're already here.

Rainbow Factory / AniRave 2011
Springfield, OH
Oct 28 - Oct 30
You cannot escape.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Akron meetup!

This isn't really a good plan, it's sort of a half-plan, but in the past this has usually been all we've needed to have an awesome time! At noon on October 22, we'll be meeting at the Summit Mall, right in the middle underneath the giant Celestia sunburst. We will hang around at the mall for a while, then go on an adventure and shop for ponies, eat some delicious food somewhere, and then go to a hotel to watch ponies (and possibly also sleep).

Sunday is still largely undecided. We are also open to suggestions for cool stuff to do from anypony in the Akron area!

Here's the Facebook event page. You can also contact PinFilly or myself if you have questions or comments, or just reply here.

Also, there's apparently a meetup planned for Mid-Ohio Comic Con, so there will be bronies there as well. It's a pony-filled weekend, all across Equestria Ohio!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Stuff happened.

Until we finally get the writeups for the last two meetups written, I guess this will do.

The season premiere party turned out great, and about 20 people came to it. We watched the first episode a bunch of times, despite many technical challenges of the stream cutting out and being all derpy. We also had a singalong of pretty much every song, and went on a couple of adventures. All in all, it was a great weekend.

The RenFest meetup was also a lot of fun. Peanut Bucker got a ton of attention and comments. Our group also got some notice and after the village closed, we ended up getting our own private show, which was pretty awesome. After that we went to Cincinnati, got free parking because of Obama, watched the second episode (which is the best episode) and tried to meet with Prison the next day which didn't work so great. But it's all good because we walked all the way to Kentucky to hear him read us a story.

After that, we drove to a grocery store and walked around for a couple hours, because grocery stores are cool.