Monday, August 22, 2011

Cleveland: Ride-sharing and stuff

(Professional mailmare on a
closed course. Do not attempt.)
For those in the Columbus area with no way to get to the meetup, you're in luck, because partycrash on RDN has plenty of room. There are probably others who don't have transportation, or who have more seats in their car than they know what to do with, so if you're either willing to offer a ride, or are looking for one, post a comment here! (Remember that we have events planned for both Saturday and Sunday, so if you can only attend for one day, please mention that.)

We also have heard from the Pegasus ponies that we should have some great weather next weekend, so you probably won't need those galoshes. Hopefully they'll stick to their schedule. They really cut it close last time, and we got a doozy of a downpour the night after the meetup.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

July meetup summary

So~! Before we have this meetup in Cleveland, perhaps I ought to take a moment and write a bit about the last meetup we had back in July.

The officially announced meetup time and place was July 23, 3:00 PM, at Momo2 in Columbus. For those who don't know what this place is (probably everyone who wasn't at this meetup), it's mostly a big building with some pool tables, a few rooms for Japanese-style karaoke, and a couple of bowling lanes. They serve food and drinks, including remarkably bubbly bubble tea, there's a couple televisions here and there, and they play chill-out music. It worked out great for us because they have a lot of empty space and can easily handle a big group, and there was a fairly open area toward the back with couches where we could all gather, with a decent-sized blank wall to project onto, and a couple of tables to spread stuff out.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cleveland meetup!

We're organizing a meetup in Cleveland at Edgewater Park on August 27. We will be meeting at about 2:00 PM by the big metal thing. (It's art!) There will be swimming, food, ponies, games, and ponies! We'll be grilling out for dinner, and serving Pinkie Pie's trademark hot sauce cupcakes for dessert.

An artists' table will be set up, so if you have stuff to sell or just to show off, bring it! PinFilly will have the metal pony pins for sale for those interested. At some point, we'll get a group together to go pony-buying. At the last meetup, The New Gray Mare bought more than $70 of pony socks from Target, and we cleaned the shelves at Toys'R'Us, leaving just a handful of talking Pinklestias and sparkling balloons in our wake. (If you're too shy to go buy ponies on your own, this is for you. Carrying around a bunch of ponies in a big group is a lot of fun.)

Once it gets dark, we'll be migrating to a hotel for the night to sleep watch life-sized ponies projected onto a wall for several hours, and will continue ponying on the 28th. (Yes, pony is a verb!) Though we haven't quite decided what exactly we'll be doing, tentative plans include a tour of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or Cleveland Museum of Art, watching a movie, or maybe just going to the mall and hanging out.

Here's the Facebook event page if you're into that.

Ohio Bronies?!

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