Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer Sun Celebration in Indiana

Princess Celestia and Luna by johnjoseco
The Indiana Bronies – you know, that state west of us? – are organizing an event that's coming up pretty soon. Their Summer Sun Celebration will run overnight from June 19 at 8 PM to June 20 at 8 AM. It's in Unionville, IN, a bit south of Indianapolis and just a couple hours west of the border. That's totally drivable for all you Dayton and Cincinnati folks, and it's still only about 4 hours from Columbus. Tickets are $15, and it is going to be worth it. I hear they've got live entertainment, panels, and games, and you even get breakfast!

Here's the description from their event page on Facebook:

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cincinnati meetup...s

Suddenly, lots of things are happening down in Cincinnati! First up, and this one is rather short notice, there will be a meetup on June 9, at Arcade Legacy at the Cincinnati Mills Mall. It's being organized by the Cincinnati meetup group. From them:
"I have been there many times and they allow you to play Pon3 songs on their Rockband, and plus the speakers are all over the place for that game and are SUPER loud so we could reach out to other Bronies. It is also VERY fun and it is a great way to meet people."
It looks like getting there will be fairly self-explanatory, but if you need to contact someone for this, talk to Joseph Edwards at (513) 846-2843 (note: that was a typo before), or if you've got Facebook, you can also find him on there.

Deimos Foxx is planning a meetup next month, July 7–8, at the Cincinnati Museum Center. This one's going to be somewhat bigger, like one of our usual two-day things with a hotel and so on. Here's the details: