Thursday, September 6, 2012

Columbus Super Meetup: Blendon Woods + COSI

Hay, everypony! We've cooked up another meetup for you to attend, and this one's biiiiig, so mark your calendar, call off work, hire a stunt double, and do whatever else is necessary to make sure you're there! We have the largest area at Blendon WoodsSycamore Shelter – reserved for Saturday, October 6th. Sycamore has capacity for well over 100 people (with sheltered seating for about 80), horseshoe pits, swings, a big kitchen area that we definitely plan on using, and ample parking directly nearby. We will be grilling some burgers, probably also ordering a big stack of pizzas, jamming to some music, watching ponies, playing games, and much more. There will also be table space available for artists to peddle their wares.

Come early and stay late; we've got the place for the whole day and will be there from about 9 AM until 7 PM. Afterward, we're not quite sure, but we can hang out somewhere else, catch a movie, invade a local restaurant, or just call it a night. We'll discuss that before heading out and will try to make sure no one gets all lost.

This is also your first (and cheapest!) chance to pre-register for TrotCon next summer: at this meetup, a mere $20 will get you a badge for next year's con, and you won't see that price again ... except maybe as a single-day rate. There will be details and hints of what's in store, some of which won't be posted anywhere until quite some time later.

Still not convinced? Attend now, and we'll DOUBLE your meetup! On Sunday, those interested can join us at COSI. It's open from noon until 6 PM, and we're planning to make the most of the day and be there the whole time. Let us know soon if you're interested in this, as we can get a group discount for parties of twelve or more. For those unfamiliar with COSI, it's a nifty science center full of all sorts of exhibits and hands-on activities. While it's mostly targeted toward children, it also has a lot of cool stuff for people of all ages. (Besides, don't we all watch a certain kids' TV show? ;)

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