Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mocha Meetup

Pinkie Pie discovers coffee.
Hay you people from the northeast! Tired of driving south all the time because everything is always all the way down in Columbus? Well, I've got great news for you! You get to drive in a totally different direction for a meetup now, because we're going to have a meetup that's far away from everyone! Or so we think... let's find out.

On Saturday, January 26, at 1pm, let's meet at the Mocha House in Warren. This is a neat coffee house – one of my favorite coffee places, actually. They have a full menu, and also a huge selection of cakes and giant cookies and many delicious pastries. They also have a lot of space, which means we can move a few tables around, take over the place, and then buy all their art.

After that, we can venture over to the Eastwood Mall, about a ten-minute drive from the Mocha House. This is a fairly massive complex featuring an aquarium, a minor-league baseball stadium and at least two movie theaters. Most importantly, yes, there is a Toys'R'Us. We can wander the mall, go see a movie, whatever. There are also a ton of good restaurants where we can go for dinner, and a few more places we can just hang out. Once everyone's together, we can figure out what we're doing.

Sunday: I dunno lol. We can come up with something depending on turnout.

So if you're any of the bajillion places that are within an hour of here (Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Ashtabula, and even Pittsburgh are all about the same distance away), come hang out! It'll be fun.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ohayocon meetups

UPDATE: Good news and bad news: Ohayocon posted the schedule... but one of the MLP panels is scheduled against the photoshoot! Here's the breakdown of what's happening and when.
  • Friday, 11 AM, Ballroom A: "Pony Panel 2: Wrath of Celestia" (1h30m) – seems like the same people who ran last year's panel. You'll probably still be in the registration line when this one's happening anyway.
  • Friday, 6 PM, Grant/Harding: "My Little Headcanon" (1h)
  • Friday, 7 PM, outside Grant/Harding: Meetup #1 (time/location moved due to panel)
  • Friday, 8 PM, Union C-E: "Ponies & Bronies for Newbies"
  • Friday, 8 PM, base of stairs: Photoshoot #1
  • Saturday, 2 PM, base of stairs: Photoshoot #2
  • Saturday, 6 PM, alcove behind stairs: Meetup #2
  • Sunday, 12 AM (that's Saturday night), Union A-B: "Bronies Late Night" – this is the AlcoBrony panel, which you might know from Colossalcon. It also might or might not have been canceled.
Whew! That sure is a lot of pony. See you at the con!

(Original post preserved below for reference.)