Monday, August 22, 2011

Cleveland: Ride-sharing and stuff

(Professional mailmare on a
closed course. Do not attempt.)
For those in the Columbus area with no way to get to the meetup, you're in luck, because partycrash on RDN has plenty of room. There are probably others who don't have transportation, or who have more seats in their car than they know what to do with, so if you're either willing to offer a ride, or are looking for one, post a comment here! (Remember that we have events planned for both Saturday and Sunday, so if you can only attend for one day, please mention that.)

We also have heard from the Pegasus ponies that we should have some great weather next weekend, so you probably won't need those galoshes. Hopefully they'll stick to their schedule. They really cut it close last time, and we got a doozy of a downpour the night after the meetup.


  1. I've got an odd university schedule to work around, I need to be on campus at Case till 3:30 and from 6 to 8, but will be there for the rest of it. Will anypony be passing through that part of town and able to give me rides to/from. I'll be able to get there via the RTA otherwise, but if it's convenient a lift would be nice. I can help cover for gas, as well.

  2. I am hesitantly looking for a ride myself if at all possible. I am in Hilliard, about 20 minutes away from Grandview which is about 10 minutes from Columbus. I can get to Columbus easily enough if you need me to.

    I know I can't exactly "call" a spot but I'm fairly sure I'm going. I just need to figure out what to do about the whole overnight thing. This is just to bring up awareness. If the spots fill before I am settled it's no big deal!

  3. I'm also looking for a ride. I'm in Shaker Heights; I can also get to Tower City easily enough via the rapid.

  4. @Master_Bratac Once you get to Tower City you can take the Red Line Rapid over to West BLVD stop and walk over to the park from there.

    @SilverPony Send me an email at for ride share info from Columbus.

  5. If anypony needs a ride from pretty much anywhere east of Edgewater Park, I could pick you up. I only have one seat, though. (Well, I have two back seats that are only really suitable for little fillies, but if you think you can fit...)

    I'll be getting there a bit early - around 1:00 or so - to meet up with darklycute & co. beforehand, and I'll be there for the whole event, both days.

    I would prefer picking up someone who's a bit farther out of town, because you can get to Edgewater from the city with public transport.

  6. Hello I have 3 seats available from the Middletown/Franklin border. I will be heading straight up 75 from where I live but can detour off the highway a bit to pick you up as I have a GPS to guide me :D

  7. Hey Evilpoptarts! You don't live too far from me (Springfield, here). But I believe I already have my ride situation figured out, so there's that. In any case, why would you go up 75 to get to Cleveland? 71 would be a lot faster. Just sayin' (Google Maps is your friend!)

    See you at the meetup! ^_^