Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ohio Bronies?!

Welcome to Team Fortress 2 the Ohio Bronies official blog!  Here we'll keep you all informed and up to date on how to survive the coming zombie apocalypse as well as the various happenings and occurrences around the state that any and all of you fans of pastel ponies might find interesting and/or amusing.

"Wait just one cotton-pickin' minute," you say, "who are you and why do I care?"

Well, if you have no idea what My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is, then you probably don't care, and you must've come here by some terrible prank or mistake (also, you should go watch it right this second, so then you can care).  If you're not from Ohio, then you probably also don't care, unless you really feel like driving or flying (or teleportaling?) all the way here to hang out with us.  But if you are from Ohio and are a fan of the show, then you care because we're the ones who organize and plan all the fun meetups and events for bronies like you!

"But who are you, exactly?"

Well, we'll tell you right here.

rpb3000 - I'm Northern Dash.  You might know me from... well, you probably don't know me.  I lurk more and comment less on various sites, such as Ponychan, FiMchan, Equestria Daily, and Rainbow Dash Network.  I suppose my most notable role is as the organizer / leader by default of the Netherlands in the Ponycraft Minecraft server.  I also run the FiM gift exchange group on Elfster, the Cupcakes group on RBDN (it's exactly what you think) and am working on an assortment of other fandom-related projects at the moment.  I tend to bring a bit of chaos with me wherever I go.

Darkly Cute - My name is Robyn, but I go by Darkly Cute / PinFilly.  I love customizing ponies.  I also design and sell metal pony pins.  I run a custom pony blog called Darkly Cute Customs and do pick up orders for pony toys. I have helped plan many a anime convention in the past along with Northern Dash and others.  I got into MLP:FiM this past February and have been completely obsessed to the point of insanity ever since. I live in Springfield, OH with my two best friends (Trombe and Northern Dash). In addition to collecting pony stuff I also collect dolls and pokemon stuff.  Also, my favorite pony is Derpy!!

zapowa - My name is Nick, AKA Trombe.  I like Pinkie Pie.  I like to trot.  I love to roam.  I came to pony rock.  Everypony it's on.  *flashes brony gang sign*

Starshine - I'm Starshine.  My life has been consumed by pony.  Help.

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  1. I love everyone here. I also would like to note, you have no idea how ironically funny that Abacus is. That is all.