Monday, October 3, 2011

Stuff happened.

Until we finally get the writeups for the last two meetups written, I guess this will do.

The season premiere party turned out great, and about 20 people came to it. We watched the first episode a bunch of times, despite many technical challenges of the stream cutting out and being all derpy. We also had a singalong of pretty much every song, and went on a couple of adventures. All in all, it was a great weekend.

The RenFest meetup was also a lot of fun. Peanut Bucker got a ton of attention and comments. Our group also got some notice and after the village closed, we ended up getting our own private show, which was pretty awesome. After that we went to Cincinnati, got free parking because of Obama, watched the second episode (which is the best episode) and tried to meet with Prison the next day which didn't work so great. But it's all good because we walked all the way to Kentucky to hear him read us a story.

After that, we drove to a grocery store and walked around for a couple hours, because grocery stores are cool.


  1. Look, I dunno about you, but playing a piano under a bridge like the classiest bum on the planet made my weekend. Also cider. You think Berry Punch makes and/or drinks cider?

  2. @rpb3000
    Large Finnish man having a beer.

  3. Did we ever get a head count of who was there? I mean, we had that photo at the end. Is there like a list of people who attended on the 25th?

    And for that group of 3 that showed up in the Barnes and Noble (the brother, sister and the other guy), one of them ran a website. Can anyone tell me what that was? I'm trying to keep track of everyone who was there and make sure I can stay in touch. Or is all that going in the more in depth write up?

  4. I believe you are referring to wasn't a website I was running, but had a "subreddit" set aside for our group(and others in ohio) on

    Speaking of ponies and reddit, I'm currently doing a Month of Pony drawing event there where I draw a few ponies a week to try and get better at drawing.

  5. Ah thank you! I will look that up. I just need more methods of getting in touch with cincy bronies.