Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Drunkenly Fierce by bamboodog

Kilt's Berry Punch:

1 gallon Berry Blast Hawaiian Punch
1/2 gallon orange juice
2 pints everclear
3 cups strawberry mead (or to taste)

Pour all ingredients into a giant bowl. Mix with hooves. Drink directly from bowl for maximum effectiveness.

Cirrus's Trollestia:

1 part mmm-banana schnapps
1 part strawberry mead (or strawberry wine)
1 part midori
1 part grape juice
1 part orange juice
5 parts Mountain Dew

Mix ingredients in a party cup. Drink through a Red Vine. Go to the moon.

The Peanut Bucker:

1/2 shot peanut butter vodka
1/2 shot chocolate liqueur

Pour into a shot glass. Get bucked.


  1. I somehow missed out on Cirrus's Trollestia. I am saddened by this.

  2. Well, this post is to help you make your own!

    99 Bananas will send you to the moon.

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  4. I just mixed things until they tasted decent! I didn't know coktailery was that easy, lol!

  5. 99% of things are made by drunk ponehs. Of course it's that easy.

  6. I would probably be better at mixing drunks drunk than sober. lol

  7. Yeah, I pretty much did nothing but drink mead all weekend, with a break to have several cups of that amazing Berry Punch.

    No regrets!

  8. Cirrus, that was my plan. After a while I can't taste anything anyway. LOL I can count 3 full cups of Berry Punch.