Thursday, March 29, 2012


For those of you who weren't at last weekend's Cleveland meetups, we're throwing a convention this summer!  Huzzah!

For all the whats, wheres, whos, and howsits, check out all the things at

So as you all now know, we here are planning this amazing TrotCon thing that you all wanna come to and party like it's Twi's birthday! "But wait!" you say. "I heard something about Canterlot Gardens HALP AH'M CONFUS" Never fear my little ponies, we shall explain to you all the things!

TrotCon ( and Canterlot Gardens ( are two separate pony conventions in the same state. Apparently two separate groups here in Ohio were both working on conventions at the same time and both decided to go public with information at the same time! Crazy that. We have no affiliation with Canterlot Gardens, nor are we against them. We wish them the best in their endeavors up by the lake, but are obviously tied up ourselves in making sure TrotCon will be the greatest thing since Princess Luna returned from her banishment!

To dispel some of the other rumors that have been floating around: No, we did not create TrotCon as a last minute effort to one-up Canterlot Gardens. We've been planning this for over six months now and didn't want to release any information about it until things were confirmed. We don't like making promises we can't keep. No, we are not actively trying to tell people not to go to Canterlot Gardens. As was said earlier, we don't wish them any ill will. We're just focused on our own thing, for obvious reasons. Also in regards to that, due to conflicts of interest, if you want to be heavily involved in the planning portion of TrotCon, we will have to request that you not be involved in the planning of Canterlot Gardens. We'd just like to avoid any accusations of idea thievery and that kinda noise.

There you have it.  Look forward to great things in our wonderful state this year!

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