Monday, May 14, 2012

Pony Pin Pre-Orders #5

Going to BronyCon or TrotCon this summer? Well if you are you can pick up your pin order at either of the conventions!
And yes, there are still the traditional shipping options for those who cannot make it to the cons.

In this pre-order there are 5 new pin designs!
Princess Cadance and Shining Armour Cutie Mark Pins
A Queen Chrysalis Silhouette Pin
And the Traveling Pony Museum Airship and Trotting Peanut Bucker Pins

Proceeds from the Traveling Pony Museum Airship pin will go to helping the TPM.
And proceeds from the Trotting Peanut Bucker pin will go to helping fund TrotCon 2012.

Pictures of the rest of the pin designs and how to order are below the page break!

Order Form
Current Pin Prices


  1. I'd love to order some pins but both forms are not working :(

    1. You can order them here -

    2. I think the interwebs hates me. Are they being put in the online store? Because its empty :(

    3. I am not sure, as it depends on if sell out of them at BronyCon or not.

      Try this it goes straight to the order form -

    4. Oh awesome! Thank you!

      Is there a direct link to the prices?

    5. The price link is working now.