Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer Sun Celebration in Indiana

Princess Celestia and Luna by johnjoseco
The Indiana Bronies – you know, that state west of us? – are organizing an event that's coming up pretty soon. Their Summer Sun Celebration will run overnight from June 19 at 8 PM to June 20 at 8 AM. It's in Unionville, IN, a bit south of Indianapolis and just a couple hours west of the border. That's totally drivable for all you Dayton and Cincinnati folks, and it's still only about 4 hours from Columbus. Tickets are $15, and it is going to be worth it. I hear they've got live entertainment, panels, and games, and you even get breakfast!

Here's the description from their event page on Facebook:

Are you ready to party? Is your favorite pony Princess Celestia (No? Well, do you at least love her just a little bit?)? Have you ever wanted to see a real-life Summer Sun Celebration with all of your friends?
If you said yes to the any of the above-or you even found some other worthy reason-then we invite you out to the Hoosier Hooves First Summer Sun Celebration! We've got all kinds of music, dancing, and games ready to keep all of your sun-loving faces happy all the way through the sunrise! Nightmare Moon isn't on the guest list this year, so we fully expect to have the sun rise on time-no Elements of Harmony required!
Cost of entry is $15 per person. This helps to cover the tremendous cost of hosting this AND provides each of you with a complete, catered breakfast right after the sunrise [and maybe more, pending a few details]!
Registration for this will open in a few days and we hope that everyone attending will register in advance-registration will only be open for a short time at the event to facilitate those bringing guests-be sure to make arrangements with us early if you know you will be making it to the event, but will be arriving late!
We will be hosting the Summer Sun Celebration at the lovely Lake Lemon, which is nestled right between Bloomington and Indianapolis. We'll disclose the exact address just a little bit later when we settle on parking locations and have easy directions for all of you to follow!
Panel and game registration is about to close soon, so please contact Jonathan Siegert or Andrew Riley as soon as possible if you would like to host something! If you would like to perform any music, please contact David Isenberg as soon as possible!
Now we don't want any of you driving home with no sleep, so you're certainly welcome to bring a tent to setup after the event ends at 8 and sleep for a few hours until you're good and ready to go home! There's also a few hotels in the area that we'll have listed for your convenience in case camping isn't your style.
Unfortunately, I also have to add that those at or under the age of 13 will have to have their parent with them to register and to remain with them throughout the entire duration of the event. This is for your own safety and for our liability. If there are any questions about this policy, please contact Jonathan Siegert.

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  1. I always forget just how much smaller Luna is than Celestia ... I tend to imagine her as just a bit shorter, but she's really like half her size. XD