Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ohayocon meetups

UPDATE: Good news and bad news: Ohayocon posted the schedule... but one of the MLP panels is scheduled against the photoshoot! Here's the breakdown of what's happening and when.
  • Friday, 11 AM, Ballroom A: "Pony Panel 2: Wrath of Celestia" (1h30m) – seems like the same people who ran last year's panel. You'll probably still be in the registration line when this one's happening anyway.
  • Friday, 6 PM, Grant/Harding: "My Little Headcanon" (1h)
  • Friday, 7 PM, outside Grant/Harding: Meetup #1 (time/location moved due to panel)
  • Friday, 8 PM, Union C-E: "Ponies & Bronies for Newbies"
  • Friday, 8 PM, base of stairs: Photoshoot #1
  • Saturday, 2 PM, base of stairs: Photoshoot #2
  • Saturday, 6 PM, alcove behind stairs: Meetup #2
  • Sunday, 12 AM (that's Saturday night), Union A-B: "Bronies Late Night" – this is the AlcoBrony panel, which you might know from Colossalcon. It also might or might not have been canceled.
Whew! That sure is a lot of pony. See you at the con!

(Original post preserved below for reference.)
Yes, it's that time of the year again... Ohayocon! Here's what we know:
  • There will be two official photoshoots: Friday at 8 PM, and Saturday at 2 PM. Both will be near the food court, at the base of the giant stairs.
  • There will also be two MLP-related panels. One of them is being hosted by the same crew which did the Colossalcon panel, and the other is the My Little Headcanon panel which you might have previously seen if you were at Matsuricon.
  • Ohayocon tends not to post the panel schedule until right before (after? during?) the convention, so we don't yet know when or where these panels will be.
If nothing conflicts, let's meet on both Friday and Saturday evening at 6 PM, in the alcove behind the giant stairs on the lower level. (This is the area to the right as you go down the stairs, with all the windows - it's one of the places where we ended up last year.) If a panel happens to be scheduled within an hour of this time, then we'll meet instead in the nearest open area to the panel right after it's finished.

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