Monday, February 25, 2013

Scene 75 in Dayton

Mark your calendars for April 13 – TwilightZora is organizing a Dayton-area meetup at Scene 75. It's a huge entertainment center that has an arcade, laser tag, bowling, go-karts, and a ton more, and it looks like it'll be a lot of fun! Details after the break.

TwiZora says:
So, I have created the scene 75 meet up. It is the largest indoor entertainment center in the country! So, April 13th is the date I have planned (due to an EXTRA heads up so more people can go!).  It's in Dayton, so there's an even amount of driving for Columbus and Cincinnati bronies. Their website can be found here. Time: 4pm! till whenever. I havent been to Scene 75 for about a year, so I wanted to go again and thought, why not make it an event. There is no fee to walk into the door, however, each item costs differently. For your eating pleasures, there is a Bar & Grill inside the building (though it is a bit pricey), however there are TONS of restaurants near by that we could decide on attending afterword. For your evening events (just in case your not ready to go home) there is a club in Dayton that is pretty amazing.  As for hotels, there are a ton of them, I know of a couple that price about 64 for two people. Let me know who all is attending so I can give the owners a heads up a weekend before. 
There is no entry fee! 
Here is some pricing for everyone to have a heads up on what they would like to do. 
Arcade – Prices ranging from $.25 to $2.00 (nearly 100 different games)
Laser Tag – $8.50 per mission (15 minute experience)
Go-Karts – $8.00 per race (8-9 laps depending on speed; must be 58″ tall and 10 years or older to drive)
Spin Zone – $4.00 per ride (must be 48″ tall to ride)
Chaos Room – $5.00 per 30 minutes / $8.00 per hour / $14.00 per 2 hours
Bouncing – $5.00 per 30 minutes / $7.00 per hour / $12.00 per 2 hours
Blacklight Mini-Golf – $5.00 per 9 holes / $8.00 per 18 holes
4-D Theaters – $5.00 per ride (must be 48″ tall to ride)
Lazer Frenzy – $2.00 per game
Atomic Rush – $2.00 per game (per person)
Mini-Bowling – $3.00 per game
Bocce Leagues – $99.00 per team (advance registration required)
Fantasy Sports Leagues – $79.00 per team (advance registration required)
Volleyball Leagues – $70.00 per 2-player team / $140.00 per 4-player team / $210.00 per 6-player team (advance registration required).


  1. looks expensive

    1. There's no admission charge, so you can hang out with everyone without breaking the bank.

  2. I would love to go but my brother's birthday is that day so my parents probably wouldn't let me go. Will there be any meet ups closer to Canton or Summit County?

    1. Hey Ocean is playing in Akron on April 3, and some sort of meetup will probably be arranged around that.

  3. Facebook event or it didn't happen.

  4. yeah! I can't wait. a I not allowed to say 'hey, might be coming' or is it to late?!

  5. hey, I've found wave 3 and 5 of the blind bags. does anypony want me to look for certain characters (wave 3 the main 6 plus big mac are gone, wave 5 the princesses trixie breezie and diamond rose are definitely gone). I could get them and just pay me receipt price(2.99+tax). I would just say where they are but i am missing princess celestia and don't want to find somepony got there first. my generosity only goes so far :)

  6. That looks so cool!! I <3 bronies!

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  8. That place is pretty cool to go to. I honestly like Laser Web a little bit better. There pricing is good and the laser tag facility is huge. Definitely recommend checking that out. I had my birthday party there and it was awesome! Here is there website