Monday, October 31, 2011

Nightmare Night Party Writeup

Nightmare Night, a time of candy, fear, and hoping that Nightmare Moon won't gobble you up. But in a small house in Springfield OH, Nightmare Moon dare not enter. For in this very house Pinkamena Diane Pie and her young apprentice Scootaloo gathered several unsuspecting Bronies. They hired a member of the New Lunar Republic to aid them in their endeavors. His code name in the NLR is Loki, but the Bronies know him simply as Kilt. He arrived Wednesday morning and from there they planned the demise of several Bronies. The rest of the Bronies arrived on Friday expecting to be enjoying a “party”, but in reality they were going to be poisoned by a slew of alcoholic beverages. Some mixed drinks known as the “Derpy”, “Spike”, and even one known as a “Pinkie Pie” were a part of the menu. Edin Pony and Vinyl Scratch took to these drinks greedily and they were defeated immediately. Vinyl Scratch lay on the ground and slept, Kilt took care to make sure he remained alive... for now. Edin Pony, realizing that this was a trap, began to fight back. He threw various F-bombs and began chanting the call of “Who is best pony”.  Discord almost fell victim to the drinks as well, but he grew wise of the other Chaos God's ploys and stopped himself before he lost his wits. Octavia was skeptical at first, but he soon joined in the “fun and games” and became intoxicated as well. In order to remain inconspicuous Scootaloo also accepted a mixed drink from Kilt.

Realizing the trap that was set up, Darkly Cute and Starshine played pony videos for all of the intoxicated Bronies in order to distract them from the sleeping gas that would send them all into a state of slumber so that Kilt and Scootaloo could not place them into their proper bindings. The next day they all played it off by taking the Bronies to Bob Evans for Breakfast and then out to Target and Meijer for Pony related items. The rest of the day revolved around Pony Videos, Video Games, Tokyo Gore Police, and many brain washing implements. That evening Pinkamena left her dungeon to take a few victims. The first to fall was Argembarger, he made the brightest pink cupcakes one could ever see. Many heard him scream, but all were too brain washed to realize what it was not the children outside enjoying their Nightmare Night. As the night went on several other Bronies vanished, the others were informed that they went to sleep and the next morning those that remained were told that those that weren't there had simply left for home. Some of the Bronies were set to work carving the pumpkins to appease the rulers of EQD, some pumpkin carvings included Trixie, Lyra, and even Twilight Sparkle. The rest of the distractions included the movie Hanna, the anime Higurashi, and video games such as Pony Poki Panic, Penumbra, and Left 4 Dead. Those that lasted until the end of Sunday managed to return home safely, all other Bronies made the most delicious batches of cupcakes one could ever imagine. They shall all be sorely missed.

This concludes my report for the NLR, I have collected my initial Data and have determined that Pinkamena and Scootaloo shall make excellent members of the... “research” division of our group. If they can be coerced into joining as well then Starshine and Pin Filly shall also make valuable allies. Their home can also make a good base of operations for lesser missions. Until then this is Loki, also known as Kilt, Signing off.

Ok, in all seriousness, we all had a great time. I arrived on Wednesday cause Darkly Cute (Pin Filly), Trombe (Pinkamena), and Northern Dash (Scootaloo) were nice enough to let me show up early. And when everypony else showed up on Friday we all had a lot of fun just drinking and watching videos. Unfortunately I got half the group way too intoxicated and that lead to the Vinyl Scratch and the Edin Pony fiascoes. This is why all Ohio Brony meet ups shall now have an extra warning involving something along the lines of “Warning: Kilt is not allowed to be in control of the alcohol!
It was all a fun glorious romp of Pony videos, video games, and anything Halloween based that we could think of. Saturday's day time events were all great despite the fact that Vinyl and Octavia did not feel too good, those ponies just can't seem to hold their alcohol. There were many a pony costumes and were all very nice.

Our Costumes consisted of

~Trombe as Pinkamena Diane Pie
~Northern Dash as Scootaloo
~Josh as Vinyl Scratch
~Ken as Octavia
~Jay as Starswirl the Bearded.
~PartyCrash as a Russian Soldier
~Brian as Discord~Steven as Dick Gumshoe from Phoenix Wright
~myself as a General of the New Lunar Republic (As a side note it was discussed and agreed upon that an official uniform of the NLR will involve Kilts. To those that disagree contact me and we may discuss official NLR uniform. I can be reached on skype under the guise Roguestallion)

Some of the silliest moments of the weekend were watching an intoxicated Edin Pony shouting F-bombs every other second while not being able to make up his mind over which pony was best pony and he was drunk enough to not understand whether or not he was in the bathroom. Also hearing PartyCrash compare Argembarger's “Screams of Terror” to that of little girls outside trick or treating. We learned from Trombe's mastery of Penumbra that if you are ever attacked by savage beasts, simply stand on a box.

This was a glorious event and was great fun for all.


  1. Either I put Vinyl Scratch to shame, or great justice. I can't decide if I partied hard, or partied way too hard.

    Probably way too hard.

  2. I only really have one regret: the pumpkin pie was never made! We even had vodka-based whipped cream and everything!

  3. @rpb3000
    I was so ready to make that crust too. Sadness.

    Edinpony is all one word, btw. Other than that, great write-up! I'll be sure to be much more careful around those Derpys from now on.

  4. Man, I wish i was able to come to that party, it sounds like it was a blast!

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  6. Thanks for party details! I really love Halloween. Even I celebrated my birthday in Halloween style at a local Chicago event space last year. The venue made sure everything was perfect. All appreciated my choice of venue.