Friday, October 21, 2011

Season premiere party writeup

sweepover by seniorpony
[Argembarger kindly composed this nice writeup for the premiere party. I think it's a fair representation of all of the fun events that transpired during the weekend. Apologies for the delay in posting it!]

Friday - Youtube Poops; Fanfic Readings; a wild Kilt appeared; Grilling; and TROLL 2
Saturday - New Pony Ep THREE TIMES! (YAY and NOOO when we first started with laggy stream); Olive Garden; Pony Shopping; Singing; Cupcake Vodka!!
Sunday - Steak and Shake; Halloween Store

Heldo al of my hOhios BRONIEs!Q

my name is ARGEMBARGER and I am here to tels you all about the so much pony meeting we had and how gond it was to be ther with so many much pones!

(jsut so you know bbefure I start thes wring-up of nopy party I hasv camed dwon to tehs hosue where we have the meebup on thursday the day before the maetup started so I was there ealier but noting happend on those days excupt friendship!? and also burger Kind with tender crisp bacon chedder runch sandmiches]f

hoa but this is what I remvember and I was on coudh sleeping or was it chair? but I was sledp and ponesi satrted coming in the to house dand woked me up from sleep to be party, and that was vriday morning; we wansed to to do to many theings BUT FIRSTLY we have to buy groceries becaus so all the ponies can have food!
we went adn got that food before the parpy started, maybe. I should remember mention it eardlier.

(authoeru note:: this is all from memroy so if my mosamerly is not so goop. it is, not all of my fualt because this was a whols week ago to remenbly!)!

so we wetn and got chicken and opork chops and drinkls (alchosol and soda (cola_) and also just bread) drivien back to the house) now

so we are at the house and we av boresd and poines party can not have boredom so we put on the tv on the power ot and watch youtube poops videos
they were. thevery funniest I’ve evern seen

[[[po be corntituled)]
[stoped slacking now]

There was a man with a kilt at the metlup and he wore a kilet and he:: liked arrows?? I think his name was kilt; if I have good rememberings.

There was other ponies too but theyt didin’t wear kilts like kilt wore a kilts?

Then Trombe and I took turns reading some of the most engrossing fanfictions ever written. Peter Chimaera’s articulate prose flowed out from our humble larynxes to fill the room with the fresh fragrance of literary mastery. I tried to write some of my own fanfiction, but of course, I could not hope to compete with a true master.

TEHN WE WATCHES TROLL 2 it was the greates movie I ever seen in my lifes!

then we went to bed, and, then we woke up, adn tehn, it was time;, for PONY


it was on bronystate? or some othar internet steresm for which watching pony happened thoruhg

soemteism it was fast and oka but other times it was slow and stoply

.ONes the episcode was over(itw as a good episode it had ponies in it!) it came on again so we watched it again? then we doenwlo;inded it on computer

we were hungary { then               so

olive garden

thenw e we bouth ponie stuff at shopstore they had lots

we went home and had sing song tin with drunk on cupcake (vodg)a made from real <cupklace vodko and so to sing more loudly^ with drinking we, had the cupcak fodla and that was the drinkest for singing inhiblotlies destrop


there were other things we dide and we watched shows like reboot and megas xL and other old shows that were still good seven though they were ageindly octogenerac

Unfortunope I had to gon home after the sunday mroening so I cannot say what happesnd on sunday but I theing there was steaks and a holloween. Maybe someani else can tell you about theat btu my hands are tired baecuaes, writingv eis a ahserd job and it iwsent for everyhpeno beacuse if you cansenio writnei gouned its weinl noves had hapsep thsau soum ofse your weipoasrs wilaply caoseun ouasetn raeily sterangves{:?”

it si pased my besdtime so goop niaghte everypone........,,,,.........................,.



  1. Arglebargens u rae bsest PONiy
    if i would culod giev oyu all teh of sghug{{ all itf hav ^yayyy

    hoaruse scont inh waylou arf


  2. @Present Perfect

    AN yur mapye bale to teh next wekend! wich is and wekend apter tonorow?

  3. Argembarger writeup is best writeup.

    Hey, whatever happened to that picture of all of us we took?

  4. ish 'xactly how I 'member it, 'cept for the whole missan' of the hotsauce cupcaken vodkas. now THAT was good tiems... keh....

  5. I'm curious to see the picture toooo. Although I was looking down. XD

    -Trippy Glitters

  6. I think that last paragraph alone is a pretty accurate representation of that whole weekend. Even if I was only there for a fraction of it.