Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday-related meetup compendium

I was digging through the forums looking around for upcoming meetup plans, and found a bunch of stuff! I'm not 100% sure what the status on all these things is, but here goes anyway. Corrections and additions are welcome, of course.

(Edit: Okay, not all of these are strictly holiday-related, but close enough.)

Short version:
  • December 29: Strat's birthday party at Dave & Busters
  • December 31: RadarStorm's New Year's party
  • January 5: Trickster's party
  • January 12-13: Ice skating at the Chiller in Dublin Easton with SuperDSombrero
  • January 18-20: Ohayocon
  • January 26-27: Starshine's as-yet-unspecified northeast Ohio meetup
  • Send us stuff!
Details after the cut.

On December 29, Strat is planning a birthday party at Dave & Busters in Columbus. I don't know very much about this event since it's some kinda secret Facebook thing and I don't know the secret Facebook handshake, but if you have that capability, here's the link for further details.

A couple days later, and also in Columbus, RadarStorm will be hosting a New Year's Eve party, on December 31 (obviously), starting around 6 PM. It's at his house, so ask him if you're not sure where to go, and I guess ask someone else if you don't know how to ask him! :)

Not enough partying? On January 5, 2013, starting at 1 PM, Trickster is having a Pirate Post-Xmas Party at the Wild Oats Den. (1350 Wild Oats Drive – once again, in Columbus!) There will be a "white elephant" gift exchange for this one:
Appropriate gifts to dump into the party pool are used/useless crap you want to get rid of, or small gift items (please keep anything "new" under $10 in value, or handmade). You don't need to bring anything to attend, but the more items we get, the more bizarre the ensuing piratey plundering/pillaging party becomes, so try to bring something if you can...especially if it's something gawd-awful someone gave you for the holly-daze that you don't know how you'd get rid of it.

If you're still not worn out, SuperDSombrero is planning an ice skating party for the weekend of January 12-13 at the Chiller in ... guess where ... Dublin! (If you were thinking Columbus, we'll count that as it's pretty close.) Admission and skate rental will be around $10 or so.
Update 12/20: Meetup location changed to Easton.

The following week, January 18-20, will be Ohayocon, once again in Columbus. As far as I know, no one's planning a pony meetup there yet, but we'll probably do something at some point during the weekend.

There is certainly no shortage of events in the Columbus area, but how about elsewhere in the state? Darkly and I moved up northeast not too terribly long ago, so now it's a three-hour drive for us to get to where all this stuff is taking place, so let's switch it up a little and have you guys drive up toward us for a change! On January 26-27, we'll be having a meetup up in our neck of the woods. The exact details are still nebulous, but it'll be about an hour east from Cleveland and Akron. (Yes, we're still in Ohio.) We'll post more information later.

Last but not least! This blog has been really, really quiet lately, so let's change that. If you're planning a meetup, let us know so we can post about it here. Did something? Give us photos! Drew some art? Send it to us! Write a vaguely disturbing shipfic? Er... maybe keep that one to yourself. This is everyone's group, so don't hesitate to let us know what you want to see. (Corollary: if we're derps and forget to post something you've sent, remind us! :)


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, that happened some time in October. I guess news doesn't always travel.

  2. The Hancock County Bronies and Pegasisters are trying to organize a meetup in Findlay. Preferably sometime this week.

  3. Yay! Northeast Ohio! Why is there always so little happening here?

    1. Because everyone is so spread out up there. I was the furthest south of the NE Ohio bronies (when I was living up that way), and there were so few spotting the way up to Cleveland. So, it was inconvenient to meetup outside of regular meetups. D:

  4. Well I do need more excuses to go down from Lorain to if I can just get my car.

  5. It's been too long since I've been to Dave and Busters. I suppose now is a good time to change that

  6. I thank everyone who attended Tricksters party. I had a great time and made a lot of great friends. Honestly I'm surprised so many people could squeeze into one residence. :3

  7. Any particular times for the skate meet?

    1. Public skating starts at 1:30, so somewhere around then.

    2. Thank you. I was afraid to show up and not have anyone show for awhile. :3

    3. I was trying to go today, but the cold I picked up from getting rained on Wednesday is stopping me. I'm sure cold sweats and ice rink is a recipe for disaster.